A Day Of Real Life Bombs...

by - 10/18/2014

Today has been a non stop wall of real life. I think everyone has the days where things just don't go right but imagine all of your problems and put a deadline on them. I honestly feel like the world is out to get me today. So let's dig deep and let the venting begin...

First off, let's start with my car. I can't get it inspected until I get my front license plate replaced (thank you carriages at Kmart for slamming into it and allowing someone to steal it, by the way, that was cool). My payments for my car have been late, though I did make a payment last week, which might have just gone nowhere now. But I have come to learn today that the bank I have my car loan through have put an insurance claim out on my car, which means if I get pulled over in my car, they can impound it, which will cost a crazy amount, because you know how those places are. So I have to get that all settled on Monday because they don't take calls on the weekend. Okay.

And this here is the biggest kicker. I've had my Macbook Pro for the last 3 years, no issues. Macs are good for that because they very rarely get viruses or anything like that. The other day it just decided that it didn't want to start. It would go to the loading page with the cute little apple and then... white screen. And then BLUE. SCREEN. Problem. This is when I decided I would take it to Apple so they could take a look at it. They looked at the inside and said everything looked fine and decided that they would like to run some tests on it, re-install the operating system. So this took about an hour and when I came back, they said that nothing they had done had worked and had discovered that the graphics chip was starting to go. Which would explain why I couldn't get to my desktop. BUT I HAVEN'T BACKED UP ANY OF MY FILES RECENTLY. Which is clearly an issue. The money I need to pay to get everything backed up and replaced is going to be a disgusting amount and need to save up, so I couldn't get my poor Mac fixed today.

So I went out and bought a little chromebook and it's helping me through this hard time. Now I'm not here to complain about anything and say how hard my life is, because I know that there are others out there who have it rougher than I do. Maybe even someone reading this have been having it a lot worse for a long time. But it's very nice to vent and I have to keep reminding myself of something I saw on tumblr the other day. It was a quote that someone had posted on their facebook: "A year ago today I had no apartment, no job, and no car. Today I got the keys to my new house. Keep your head up, things will get better." Hopefully they do and I can only keep reminding myself of this as I grit my teeth through all this.

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