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by - 10/22/2014

I recently had a quick chat with Clinique on Twitter today!

I've been eyeing their Moisture Surge for a while now, but have stayed away because of the price. Sure, I've read a review here and there, but sometimes I feel like when I try something new, I should have a sample of it first. Especially when it comes to something that pricey (their surge runs from $38.50 - $52). The talk on twitter (squeals) made me feel a bit more comfortable. Not to mention I had others who gave me feedback. (Thanks all!)

So after searching around online for a good price, I found this at Sephora's website!

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It's a beautiful looking gift set with all, if not most, of Clinique's Moisture Surge products! And it's only $49.50. Christmas may come a little early this year.

Have you tried Clinique's Moisture Surge?

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