Ipsy Monthly Review

by - 10/24/2014

Some of you may know by now that I get an Ipsy bag every month. It typically contains 5 different beauty and skincare products in a cute little makeup bag. This month was called Beauty Candy.

I've already reviewed the Revlon mascara, which you can find here. So far it's my favorite from the bag. They included facial wipes, a lipstick (which I have included in my FOTD, here) body butter, a skin cream, and of course, the mascara. 

This is a very thick body butter for dry and irritated skin. It's perfect for this time of the year, especially for me, as my skin does tend to get very confused with the changing of the seasons and freaks out a little. It has jasmine, lavender, and patchouli, so the smell is a little strong when you open the container. Don't let that throw you off though. It leaves a very faint fragrance on your skin and leaves it feeling smooth. I received the 1 oz bottle, but you can buy a 6.75 oz from their website.

This is a non-greasy and lightweight moisturizer. It's a blue and gel like and feels great when you put it on your face. I have to admit, I've only used it once since getting it but oh my, did it make my skin feel new! My next experiment is to try it on my lips, as they can get quite chapped and dry in the winter months and I've read that this is the perfect solution. It's also great for sunburns, so stock up on it for the summer!

After I had mentioned in my Let's Talk About: Reds post that I needed lipstick for autumn and winter, I got this. According to the website, they use all natural ingredients for their lippies and they're supposed to go on smooth. And they do! This stick had just a little bit of shine to it and I found myself applying a gloss over it throughout the day, but I don't have too many complaints on this product. It's not incredibly pigmented, but I found that a safe route to take, since I'm still experimenting with sticks. This is a good choice for someone still taking strides in their lip journey!

These cloths are meant to make the end of your day easier. You just rub the cloth and suds come to, making it easy to remove your makeup and anything else that might be stuck to your face. This is not meant to be your entire skincare routine, so please don't forget to use you daily washers! You don't need water for these, but I would recommend it. I'm going to say, I'm not a big fan of these. It left my skin feeling sticky and the smell was not that pleasant. It has cucumber and coconut in it, but all you can smell is some kind of chemical, I can't even describe it. I'm thinking these would be good for an after workout cleanser, but I would definitely follow it up with your regular skincare routine.

Would you get any of these products?

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