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by - 10/19/2014

Since it's autumn (which I'm absolutely loving) red is a color you see everywhere. Not to mention when Christmas comes around, you might actually get sick of it a little. I've really never gotten into red myself. It's such a bold color that I tend to stay away from it, but I'm working myself to it slowly. There are two things here that I used to use all the time when my hair was neon orange. I know, I'm complaining about red but my hair was a neon, go figure. hah.

Here's what that used to look like.

Keeping your hair that bright is no easy task, but I had to keep it super healthy and I had a crazy amount of hair care products which I'll get into some other time. But to prevent myself from re-dying my roots every time they grew out a little, I had two go to products.

Bumble and Bumble Red Hair Powder

Pardon the crapola picture, I need a new camera. Anyway, this is one of the hair sprays I used to keep my roots the same color as my hair. It's a powdered spray and all you'd have to do it spray some on the roots, tip your head and shake it in, and it does last for a couple of days. If you use dry shampoo, you should follow this with it, as the shampoo will dilute the color. The red is currently discontinued, but they do have natural colors available still. I'm actually really interested in getting the brown tinted one. : )

Streaks 'N' Tips Temporary Highlight Spray - Red

This is the second product that I used, though to be honest, I only used it once as I was NOT impressed with it. It is literally spray paint for your hair. It even has the little mixer thing inside that you can hear when you shake it. I will admit that it is good for temporary use, as it says, but it can get very messy if you don't use it right. You shouldn't spray it directly onto your scalp either, as it does stain. It's brilliantly pigmented, but even after it dries, it gets on everything! If you do decide to use this, please be very careful, as it will stain your clothing.

Rimmel London 60 Seconds - Red, Steady, Go!

Believe it or not, this is my first red nail polish. I would have taken a picture as a sample, but it's just a basic red and everyone knows what that looks like. I randomly chose this one as I knew I just needed a red, so the fact that I picked up a quick drying polish was lucky. Not much to say on it as it's fairly basic, goes on easy, and dries well. Worth the money!

As far as lips go, I'm very shy when it comes to lip sticks or glosses with a dramatic pigment. I need to work on that but sometimes I have very dry and chapped lips and some of the sticks and glosses I've tried accentuates that. Exfoliating my lips has been helping, but I'm still wary when it comes to actually buying a dependable lipstick.

Does anyone have a good lipstick that they could recommend?

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