D.I.Y | Terrarium

by - 11/11/2014

D.I.Y time!
I was honestly so excited to do this and add a cute touch to my room. I've seen a ton of these pictures on tumblr and have always liked it, but could never really find the vase for it. So when I finally found one at Michael's, I went ahead and did the whole thing! So, here we go!

You'll need a bowl or vase to put everything in. I found a slanted cut bowl from Michael's for $10! Some aquarium gravel, you don't need to have the multi color, I just thought it would add an extra pop of color. I've seen a lot with white gravel. And finally, three to four cactus's. (Cacti? Whatever.) Also, I would suggest putting some paper down so the potting soil doesn't get everywhere, something else you'll need.

So I used about a quarter of the gravel to cover the bottom of the bowl. You could put the whole bag in, but I wanted to make sure I had enough room for everything.

Then you put your potting soil in there. I'm a little OCD, so I patted it down around the edges until I was content. (Sigh).

Then you can start putting your cactus's in! I almost opted to leave one out, to have more room and make it look a little bit cleaner, but I decided on all four. Pour some water on there so they don't die within the first week. (Wal-mart rarely waters their plants).

For a finishing touch, I added a small handful of gravel sprinkled about

And voila! All done. It looks so nice on my dresser and I couldn't be more thrilled!

What touches have you added to your room?

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