Review | E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator

by - 11/10/2014

I've struggled for years with dry and chapped lips. Especially in the winter months. And then when they get better I get that dead skin that just loves to peel and be disgusting all the time. It's been a constant struggle, which is a main reason why I've never worn lipstick or anything that would accentuate all that... extra stuff on my lips. I've always stuck with chapsticks and clear glosses. So I obviously started looking for exfoliators that would help me in this situation. And usually, when you Google these types of things, you come up with the DIY options. The simplest choice because you just use things that you have around the house.  

I've tried the sugar and honey one. With minimal results. I found that I was more inclined to lick up the honey and sugar rather than to let it sit on my lips and let it do it's job. Whoops. There were other options as well, but with a not so desirable result the first time, I began looking elsewhere. And then, while stocking up my cart during a massive sale, I found this gem. A lip exfoliator in lipstick form. Not only is it quick and convenient, it actually works! And it's only three dollars so it was worth the risk of not liking it. I'm determined to go back and buy the lot at Target.

Some of the main ingredients are, clearly, sugar, grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter. All held together with two different types of wax. The first wear doesn't do much, as you need to break through the first layer of wax, but the second wear is much better. You can feel the sugar scraping off the dead skin and I will tell you, it feels awesome! I've been using this for about a week and a half now and my lips are already noticeably softer. It's made wearing lipstick a more pleasant experience, as I'm no longer self conscious about how it's making my lips look. (Other than fabulous, of course). I would suggest putting lip balm on first, and then going over it with the exfoliator, it will definitely help make your lips softer, faster.

What do you do to exfoliate your lips?

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