Christmas Nails | Blogmas Day 15!

by - 12/16/2014

I've never been skilled at painting my nails and getting awesome designs on them. Unless I went to a nail salon, but that's something I don't really have the money to do right now. I'd rather use that cash on other things. But as it's Christmas, I wanted to do something that would seem a little cheery and in the festive spirit, though I've stuck to my main go-to of simple and really, really easy. So easy that you could recreate this in a second. A monkey could recreate this. So... anyway, here's what I've done.

I used the Mint Green polish from ELF and a shimmery gold from Bongo. Two coats each with a clear top. Pretty simple but that about does it for me when it comes to painting my nails. I just can't be bothered most of the time. However, I was just sent some lovely shades and I'm going to try and create something awesome for Christmas. Wish me luck! I'm definitely going to need it.

What do you do with your nails around Christmas time?

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