Dear Santa... | Blogmas Day 12!

by - 12/12/2014

Santa, this year has had more than it's fair share of downs. Like, a lot of downs. There's been very few ups. Negative ups. So with this little wishlist, I'm going to hope that you give me one thing from it, as through all of these bad things happening, I've been very good and handling it well. Aside from the panic attack here and there. Please ignore those as I try to.

1. A car
 - So that thing happened and now I don't have a car anymore. This is the most important thing on my list. (See how it's number one?) I'd really break down in happy tears if you could dump this off at the front door, registered and everything. I'll be happy with whatever color you choose. (Just please, no red!)

2. An apartment/house
 - Okay, so I know it seems like I'm asking for pricier things, but I wouldn't ask if I wasn't totally in need of them! My living situation is temporary and it would relieve so much stress if I could get a new place ASAP. Maybe even before Christmas? (Sneaky.) I've always wanted a loft apartment, they just seem so cozy and they let in crazy amounts of light! But any place that's clean and is in a nice neighborhood will do. (They must allow cats!)

3. Hairdryer
 - I'm in love with rose gold, as you may know, Santa. And this little beaut is perfect for me. And it has Keratin technology! How fancy!
4. Camera - My current camera dates back to the days of Myspace. My blog deserves high quality photos! So please, a Canon EOS 600D please? Pretty please?

5. Adventure Time - All the seasons. Because I like to binge watch and Netflix doesn't have it's act together and only has ONE SEASON. wth?!

6. Instax Mini 8 - I would love to hang photos around my house without having to print them at home or through a store. These are cute and INSTANT. White only please!
Was that going overboard? Anything off of this list would be appreciated, but you know, the things that make life easier? Those are the important ones. I can always buy the other things for myself. Be good to me this year Santa, or the cookies will burn.
Sincerely, Maegan
Haha I saw a few other bloggers do this and thought it would be cute. I haven't made a Christmas wishlist in so long and it was kind of fun writing to Santa again. Long live the inner five year old!

What did you ask Santa for this year?

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