Do the Holidays Wear You Out? | Blogmas Day 11!

by - 12/12/2014

In sixth grade, I turned to my friend Stephanie and said 'I hate Christmas shopping.' She promptly made me a Christmas card that I still have that says 'You only have to do it once a year!' But it didn't change my opinion on it and to this day, I absolutely hate Christmas shopping. I hate everything about it. Making the list of people that you need to buy for, saving up money while still paying your bills, and then there's actually going into the stores filled with people everywhere who are trying to get the same things you are. And then they stand in your way or walk too slow or some walk too fast. Don't get me wrong, I know that this is basically just like every other shopping trip. The people are the same. BUT THEY"RE NOT. They're a million times worse. Pair that up with claustrophobia and anxiety and you're in the worst place possible.

I like wrapping the gifts and giving them to my loved ones, of course. It's why I always go all out when wrapping gifts. But the action of going out to purchase the gifts really bothers me. Typically, I'll do all of my gift shopping online because you don't have to deal with any third person, aside from the people delivering it to your home. The down side is the shipping, but it just relieves so much stress for me. Hopefully I'm not alone here. Not to mention how exhausted you get just thinking about what you have to do. It all just becomes so overwhelming sometimes that I hate to even think about it. And with not having an actual permanent place to celebrate this year, it's been even worse. I've been trying to make the best of everything, but sometimes you need to sit down and have a little cry. It instantly makes me feel better, like I've recharged a bit. Anyway, I know this was a short post and rather off of the holiday spirit track, but I absolutely needed to get it off my chest, seeing as I've been feeling the Christmas pressure lately.

How do you feel about the holidays?

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