Getting Stocked Up! | Blogmas Day 8!

by - 12/09/2014

Once I think I've caught up, I fall behind again. Sorry this one is late! I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures for you of my current wrappings and thought it would be rather silly to tell you about my Christmas gift supplies without any visuals to show you. Because let's be honest, I couldn't describe them properly. They look much better than how I could describe. Anyway!

So... if you hadn't noticed I'm very into reindeer's and stags and deers. I've been obsessed with them for a little while now, so when I found these adorable bags at Target, I had to get them. And they were only a dollar, so there was no shame! I don't think you should pay more than two dollars for a gift bag, honestly. Also at Target, (pretty much everything in the picture) were matching gift tags, though they're kind of hidden behind the cards, which I obviously didn't notice until right this second. Ugh. (All of these items were in the dollar section, by the way. Complete bargains!) I got two packs of index greeting cards. One that says hello in pretty gold writing on top of a coral-y pink background and a white and gold striped one. They are both blank inside so you can write whatever you want. They'll be good for plenty of other things, not just Christmas. The wrapping paper there is just a tan color with some black square spots here and there in different sizes. The last thing in the photo here is a reindeer tree ornament made out of styrofoam. It's super light weight and it would be on my tree right now if it wasn't half the size of it. xD I got him for three dollars at Five Below.

I don't have many people to shop for this year, so I'm thinking that this might be enough for everyone on my list. Though I'm not excited about giving out those pretty bags. : (

Do you have everything ready for your gift wrapping?

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