Life Updates | Blogmas Day 13 & 14!

by - 12/15/2014

Two days in one post! You might have thought I was slacking, however, Saturday I didn't have much going on and therefore really had nothing of interest to show you. I literally just caught up on sleep all day. Pretty sure I slept for 14 hours. haha.

Sunday my close friends and I went out to celebrate a birthday. Rather belated, but it was a birthday celebration nonetheless. We took her to go see Mockingjay which she loved, no surprise there. xD Then a quick lunch/dinner mixed with a little shopping and that was the whole day. Surprisingly, that took all day! I wasn't expecting the movie to be two hours long, though they did a good job on it. I really do wish these film companies would stop cutting the last book on whatever movie they're making into two parts. I know it's all about the money and junk, but... really? Is that necessary? I just find it super annoying. But, anyway.

I'm really excited for this weekend! We're having a Christmas party at work on Friday and my fiance and I are getting a hotel room to stay in for the night. Some time away from our crappy living situation should be just what we need to relax a little. And I'm hoping I may even get to spend some time with my mother this weekend as well. But we'll have to see how that goes. Having no car to get from one place to the other is difficult, though when my taxes come in I'm hoping that'll fix that problem. It would definitely be nice to be able to drive to wherever I need to go again. I kind of feel like a caged bird right now, not being able to go anywhere without asking for my grandmother's truck on the weekends. Ugh, it's rough. January can not come fast enough.

When we were out the other day I got some more Christmas shopping out of the way, though I still have a few more people to shop for. And of course I found the cutest tumbler with elephants on it, so I had to grab that for myself. Do not judge me. And don't worry, all my bills were paid for the month before this shopping endeavor. I'm hoping to get some extra shopping done in Boston this weekend since we're going to be in the area. I know Newbury street is going to be crazy, but the shops on that road are ridiculous and I need to go to some of them. I only hope some people know that their gifts might come after Christmas, though I know they won't mind. That's just how things go, right? And anyways, as long as it's before New Year's I don't think it's such a big deal.

What have you got going on this week?

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