Mini Winter Haul | Blogmas Day 1!

by - 12/01/2014

Happy December! I know a lot of people typically start decorating for Christmas the day of Thanksgiving, but the first of December is when everything starts to really feel like the holidays for me. I love the lights and the decorations and the food and the way that people can set everything aside and just be with one another. It's really more than just another holiday, it's the time of year where you can be with the ones you love and who love you in return. As you get older, you really start to appreciate that time more. As a child, you don't really notice it going by. But anyway, I have a mini haul for you! It's nothing too special, though there will be more, since this is the shopping season! (So I've heard.)

So a few days ago I popped into Kmart to see what they had for shoes. I've been needing new boots and honestly I've been kind of picky about them. Whoops! I didn't find any winter boots I liked, though I did find some nifty slippers! Now I've never really ever worn slippers, aside from the thick sock here and there, but these were too cute to leave behind. (As usual, please ignore the crap quality of these photos. And the horrible carpet that I used as a backdrop, ha. Didn't have any other room that day.) I got these for $10 but it looks like they're on sale now! Lucky you! They also have them in a black and white option, but I stayed traditional.

Bongo Holland Holiday Red Bootie Slipper | $8.49

Since Kmart didn't have any boots that I wanted, I went next door to Bob's Stores, which is like a department store for those of you don't have it around. I've gotten shoes from them before, so I had a good feeling about them. I had a couple of coupons so the boots I found came to a really good price and I just couldn't say no! I couldn't find the link on the Bob's website, so I went to the brand site and found it. The price is about the same as it was in store, though like I said, I got mine a bit cheaper because I clip. Ha!
Wanted Recruit Booties in Brown | $69.99

I only have one more thing to show you and unfortunately I have no link for this one. I got these from my local dollar store and you know how those things can be, sometimes something will be there and then the next day it'll be gone. These were such a cute find and I think they help bring in the holiday excitement! Since I got them in November, I did start wearing them right away. But no one needed to know since I hid them in my boots.

Snowman socks!

And that's my haul! I know it wasn't much but I thought this would be a rather quick post for my first day of Blogmas! It's my first time doing this, since this blog is not even three months old and thought it would be fun to help get into the Christmas spirit a bit! I've also been writing for! I have about two posts up already and when I can, I will post the links. (My work computer just does not like the site hah.) If you venture there on your own though, you can find my posts under my name, Maegan Mariee.

I'd love to see if you're doing Blogmas! Post your blog links in the comments below!

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