Something About Books | Blogmas Day 7!

by - 12/07/2014

My second installment about books! So exciting. I could probably do these kinds of posts once a week, I go through books too fast. This month I'm giving you Palo Alto, a diamond in the rough that I found while browsing through Barnes and Noble. And, the highly talked about Girl Online, which I guess has been getting some flack or something on the internet. Figures.

Palo Alto is by James Franco, which I admit, is the number one reason I picked it up. It's a collection of short stories of teens living in Palo Alto, California and all the crazy things that they get up too. But this is definitely not a book for kids. I find it hard to believe that these are drawn from real life people that he had known, but I suppose crazier things have been done. Drugs, sex, alcohol, hit and runs, this book has just about every crime in there that you can think of. But I think it's incredibly raw and real and that's why I like it. James Franco didn't sugar coat anything with these stories and it made it so much more enjoyable. And apparently it's a movie too, with Emma Roberts and Nat Wolfe. Once I finish, I'm definitely going to watch it.

Girl Online is by Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, for those of you that know her by her blogger/vlogger/youtuber name. I will be the first to admit... I've been watching Zoe for about three years. I was never friends with a lot of girls that were into make up and shopping like I was, so watching her and having something in common was nice. Like a friend on the internet. This book follows a girl blogger whose gone completely anonymous, allowing her to post whatever she wants without people judging her at her high school. Which I think it a totally cute idea. I won't go too into detail and ruin the story, but she goes to New York, falls in love, almost gets her entire life destroyed when her identity is revealed, only to realize that her life isn't completely over. You should read it for yourself because I think it came out really well.

What books have you been reading? Will you pick up these books for yourself?

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