The Little Things | Blogmas Day 9!

by - 12/10/2014

As some of you know, I'm in a temporary living situation right now. So that means that I can't exactly have a regular Christmas tree. Which is super sad because last year my fiance and I had a nice apartment and had our first Christmas tree together. We decorated the entire apartment. It was so nice just to have something that was completely ours. And now we're so far away from that. But I've been trying to make the best of things and this is what I have set up right now.

Like I mentioned in my last post Getting Stocked Up, I'm pretty much obsessed with stags and reindeers. I found this gem at Target. It's completely white but I took the liberty of painting it's antlers rose gold since I had some paint lying around. I thought it gave it a nice little sparkle for the holiday.

My little tree. It cost me all of five dollars but I suppose it's serving it's purpose for now. The angel clearly takes up most of the tree and I was able to hang a couple of my favorite baubles on it, though it's nothing like how I would want it. Better than nothing though!

And last but not least, my stocking. I've had it since I was a toddler, so yes, that's Snuffy from Sesame Street. :) I still love it. And yes, it's hanging on an Adventure Time calendar. And that's all I have! I can't really hang any lights or anything because the last thing I want is to blow a fuse, which is entirely possible at this place, so no pretty glows :(

How did you decorate for the holidays?

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