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by - 12/31/2014

So Blogmas... remember that thing that I said I was going to do? I failed so hard at it. It's a lot harder than it looks to keep up with a post every day for twenty-four days. Oh well, next year is my next chance. I should have known that I would get caught up in all the Christmas madness. In fact, I was still Christmas shopping on the twenty-sixth! A day in the life of a procrastinator. Thankfully, I managed to get things for my family on time for the big day, so I didn't completely fail there.

Everyone around this time is setting up their New Years resolutions. And most of the time, it's people wanting to get in better shape or do better at their job. I don't have anything against resolutions and the ones who choose to make one. Personally, I don't set a certain one thing down for myself. I always have a small list of a couple of things that I'd like to do and if I at least get something done on it, I don't feel like such a failure at it. I think that's the problem with New Years resolutions. Most only set out to do this one, giant thing and feel bad when they don't get it accomplished. Baby resolutions, that's the trick! For me anyway, haha.

So this year, I have a couple of things I'd like to do. If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I'm in a temporary living situation (a bad one) and I need a new car. You'll also know that my Macbook Pro is eating itself, so I need to get that fixed. The list is a little lengthy this year, as I'd like to get all of these accomplished and more.

1. New car
2. New apartment/house
3. Fix the Mac!
4. Get married
5. Write more

I'm also engaged, for those of you who are wondering about number four. I've been so behind on planning that it'll be a miracle if we can get everything laid out for the date that we want. That one will probably be the toughest out of all of them. I'm a terrible planner. Number five is something that I really want to focus on, personally. Not only do I want to write more here and on Glossyfinds, I want to do more of my RPG writing and book writing. I've never gone deep into my RPG writing, so some of you may not know what it is... basically, I write stories with friends online. That's the short explanation, anyway. Maybe one day I'll get more detailed. I also have a few ideas for a book or two that I'd like to get down on paper (or in Word, you know, whatever), so there's that mess.

Hopefully, I can sit myself down and crack all of these gems out!
What would you like to accomplish in the new year?

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