Whoa. | Blogmas Day 16!

by - 12/18/2014

So technically, today is supposed to be blogmas day 18, but I've just had so much going on at work and at home that I've had absolutely no idea what to write about. I'm super behind on my Christmas shopping and I haven't even begun wrapping ANYTHING yet. I'm such a terrible person when it comes to this. I'm one of those people that says they're going to get their shopping done early and then wait until the last minute. Most of it has to do with not having the money to do the shopping, but I suppose it's still the same thing, in retrospect. And not having a car is making everything so much harder on my end. And no phone. Gotta fix that pronto. Anyway, I'm not going to fill in too much information on what I've been doing the last couple of days, as I'm going to try and space that into two more posts to catch up proper.

But I can tell you that it's been really nuts at work. I was sent a long list of things I need to do before the end of the year and it's been taking up most of my time, as most of the things needed to be done by the end of this week. Yikes! Tomorrow (the 19th! Ugh.) I have my company Christmas party, which should be fun. I've never really had a proper work party and I'm actually really excited about this one. I don't get out much, because you know... money, and this is pretty much an all expenses paid night out. My fiance and I are going to be spending the night at a hotel in Boston as well, so it's going to be a nice weekend getaway from the hell that we're living in currently.

And to fill up the rest of the weekend, we're going to be going to my mum's for a night. So that's one thing to look forward too blog wise; Christmas cooking! We're going to be making cookies and I got some candy canes and chocolate to make Christmas pops with. I might actually be able to get some wrapping done as all of my mail goes there anyway! Actually, part of my black Friday shopping was for me, whoops, and I managed to snag a copy of The Sims 4 $30 cheaper than what it usually is. That might also have been taking up some of my time. Sorry guys, I'm such a nerd for the game, I can't help it!

On top of all of that mess, I've been writing for a website called Glossyfinds! They're really nice over there and have been so patient with my writing schedules. Which is actually non-existent at the moment, that's something I need to improve on, haha. Anyway, to pass the time while you wait for me to get my life together and catch up on posting here, you should take a peak at what I've been writing for them! It's all about beauty and your lifestyle. You can find me at this link here: CLICK

How far behind have you fallen this season?

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