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by - 2/13/2015

Happy Valentine's Day Eve everyone!
I hope your February has been romantic as can be so far! I've had an interesting month already. (The excitement never ends on my side, haha.) Anyway, I have a review for you today! It's the coveted All About Moisture set from Clinque that I lusted after in my October post here when I had a little chat with them about it. I'm very grateful to the people that sent it to me! (It was a gift that I'll treasure until the containers are empty!)

Clinque's All About Moisture Set!
This box is a girly girl's DREAM. It's pink. The products are pink. Everything is pink and it's wonderful. When I get a new product, I love looking at the packaging. I studied graphic design in college and I will admit that if something has wonderful packaging, I will buy it purely for that reason. (Something that my fiance scolds me for.. whoops!) While Clinque went for a very simple design on this, I love how the box looks. It opens on the side, where a little purple ribbon can be found, which you pull. And out come the products! I think it's a clever design, rather than just pulling off the cover. Maybe I'm the only one that likes a good design to go with a good product?

From left to right clockwise; Overnight Mask, Moisture Surge, All About Eyes, Lip Balm

Using these products for little over a month now, (Look! You can see the ribbon in this photo!), I've definitely developed a routine. After washing my make up off from the day and using my toner, All About Eyes is where I start. I personally love this one SO MUCH. I have genetic dark circles under my eyes (thanks mum) so I almost always use a lot of concealer, which makes my eyes dry and irritated at the end of the day. I noticed a big difference after the first week of using this. You don't need to use a lot or rub it in too much. It glides right onto the skin and it makes the skin around my eyes feel so refreshed and awake that I could possibly go another 24 hours awake! (Not really, I'd crash in 3 hours tops.) My under eyes are lighter and definitely happier since using this.

Next I follow it with Moisture Surge. This is probably the most talked about moisturizer in the beauty guru world. I think almost anyone who is anyone has had this at least once and done a review on it. And I have to say, it was done with a reason. If I had a smaller container of it, I would carry it around with me in my purse to use throughout my makeup-less days. My skin has never been softer or looked healthier. It's even gotten brighter! You don't need to use a lot of this either, as a little goes a very long way! I haven't been able to go a day without the Surge and it'll be a sad day when this runs out!

At night, after using the Surge, I will follow it with the overnight mask. It's probable that you might not need to use the two together, but that's how I've been doing it and it's been doing wonders for me. I love waking up and having a soft face. The mask is thicker than the surge for obvious reasons and though I've skipped a night here and there, I've already gone through half the bottle! I think it's safe to say that this is the best overnight mask I've used, and while they've been few, I'll probably be buying the bigger one when this is gone.

Last is the lip balm, which I have to say is the least used of these items for me. My lips don't really get too chapped normally, though this winter has been particularly annoying and my lips have been facing the consequences of lack of chap stick. I'm not a fan of the thick, sticky lip balms that stay on your lips for hours at a time. It makes it hard to drink or eat and you can just feel it sitting there, feeling like it's weighing your entire face down. However, since this was made for ultimate moisture, I've been using it more since my lips need it. And it's been doing it's job. I still don't like the sticky consistency, but I will suffer because I'd rather do this than have chapped lips.

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!
Have you used any of Clinique's Moisture products?

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