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by - 3/22/2015

Hello Lovelies!
Have you seen the new skin design! Since I've gotten my Mac back, I've been doing nonstop Photoshop and was able to design myself a banner. I'm in love with it but please let me know if something isn't working quite right. I'm in the process of smoothing out all the kinks.

Anyways, March! What a month for me! Usually, at the end of December or the beginning of January, whenever people decide to do the New Year's resolutions, I always make a list for myself of what I want to accomplish for the year. I posted that here if you want to take a look, as I did get a bit rambly. My lists are always short and I never put more on them then I think that I can accomplish. This year I had five, which was a bit more than I usually do. I'm proud to say that I can cross two of those off my list!

1. New car
2. New apartment/house
3. Fix the Mac!
4. Get married
5. Write more

Taken from my Instagram @ ohmy_m.
I finally got a new car! And I was so lucky as to get everything I've wanted in a vehicle. It's a car, but it's a hatchback (I hate trunks, don't ask), it's tiny so it's easy for me to maneuver, and it's lime green! The color was the main reason why I picked it out, everything else I got lucky with. This had made my life just a little bit easier though.

And secondly, I got my computer back, as I mentioned above. I've been without it since October of last year and it has been painful to use anything other than this, since it's basically my child. It went in to get a new graphics chip, but Apple called and said that the hard drive was starting to fail. Without even thinking properly, I told them to replace it. I think I was just eager to have it back that I didn't stop to think about all my design work and writings on there. Yep, all gone. I basically got back a refurbished computer with all my stickers on the top. It's sad and I've had to reinstall everything, but at least I know to invest in a really good portable hard drive.
The last three things on my list are works in progress but since I've already checked off two and it's only March, I think I'm well on my way!
What have you accomplished so far?

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