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by - 4/14/2015

I went shopping!!
Hello lovelies! Do you go to Lush? Have you ever heard of Lush? These might seem like silly questions, since the store has become so popular in the last year or so,but two years ago, I had NEVER heard of this place. I blame it on the fact that we just didn't have any near us. Thankfully, with it's growing popularity, they put one in the mall closest to me so I can always get my fix if I need too. (A problem, as you might guess). If you read my blog (thank you!) you'll know that I'm still in a temporary living situation and don't have a tub I can use for these beautiful things. So instead, I've been building up my collection and even though it's still rather small, it's glorious.

Okay, so I'm going to start from the bottom left and work my way clockwise.

1. Pearl - The first massage bar I've ever gotten. It's made with bubble tea and leaves your skin feeling really smooth and smell lovely and it has a little bit of texture so it gives a little extra something to the massage.

2. A French Kiss - A bubble bar type thing, since it's not really a bar, that smells like lavender and rosemary. This is one of the newest additions to my collection and honestly, it's the strongest smelling item in the bag.

3. The Golden Egg - Only available around Easter, this thing has so much glitter, I'm actually afraid of what it will do to whatever tub I have in the future! It smells great though!

4. Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment - Another new item I've never tried before. I've never actually seen a melt being used, so I'm assuming you just plop it in like a bomb? I'd love your opinions if you've tried it!

5. Dragon's Egg - Probably one of the most popular and the first bath bomb I ever purchased and tried. I love it. The colors and the scent of a candy I can't name. I will ALWAYS buy this over and over again.

6. Fluffy Egg - From what I hear, this is a cult classic amongst Lush fans around Easter time. I got it once last year and it has that pretty candy smell similar to Dragon's Egg and Snowfairy products. And it turns the water pink!

7. The Immaculate Eggception - This thing is huge! Another repurchase, I was able to break this up into four pieces to use for multiple baths. And it has a little surprise inside! I was told the yellow has a bunny!

8. Heart Bubble Bar - I honestly don't have the name of this little thing! I took it off before I decided to do this post and now have no reference for it other than the fact that it's cute, smells so so wonderful, and has little pieces of seaweed glitter!

9. Snowfairy - Not sure if this is the actual name, but this is the Snowfairy scented bubble bar. It's SO cute and I always try to get more than one around Christmas when they're in the shops. It smells soooo good, it's like a candy mixed with something wonderful. And the bell? So cute!

This collection looks so much bigger in the bag but I'm not done yet!
What's your favorite from Lush?

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