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by - 4/29/2015

Hello Lovlies!
Please pardon how late this haul is, I've been hoarding it for a while and it was actually only two stops that I made. I kind of went on a spree this time and I've had plenty of time to love on all of these things. It was actually quite naughty of me! Those are the best kind of shopping trips though, honestly! It definitely doesn't seem like a large haul in pictures, but shopping for it all took all day. Which I guess says a lot about how indecisive I am. LOL.

I did try to brighten my images a bit, but I'm sorry if things are still a bit dark. I thought I had done a better job, haha. As you can see I have a small handful of wonderful things that will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks. I've had all this stuff for a while now and I'll admit that I've only used about four of the items pictured. I'm saving all the good stuff for when I finally run out of the old.

Front and center is something I've been dying to get. I've seen them in about ever single vlogger video I watch and it's just so cute, I needed to have one. It's a little turquoise owl lip balm from Forever 21. They run about 3$ and I definitely would have gotten two if they had more, but I suppose I was lucky enough to find this one. Another lip balm I caved on was Honey Trap from Lush. I picked it up along with my recent haul from Lush, which you can see here! The nail polish is from Sephora. I think it's an actual Sephora brand and not an outside brand. It's in a gorgeous rose gold color though and I couldn't be more happy with it. I have a real problem with rose gold things lately.

Going over to the left side of the picture is the holy grail of what I bought on this trip. SOAP AND GLORY SUGAR CRUSH. I am absolutely in LOVE with this scent and brand. Currently, they are leaving Sephora stores and going elsewhere, which makes me sad and hoping that they'll still be close to me, but this also means that everything is on sale! I got the LAST bottle of body wash for 7$ and that gorgeous, beautiful little hand cream of Sugar Crush for 3$. For any of you that are familiar with Soap & Glory, you'll know that these are incredible steals.

Whoo, okay. Behind my little owl, is a pumice stone. I've needed one of these for the longest time but have never remembered to grab one until my last trip to Kmart. That was only a dollar, so I couldn't say no. Also from Kmart is the E.L.F. eyebrow stencil kit. My eyebrows have been desperately crying for attention lately and this was much cheaper than going out to get them waxed. Plus they needed some good shape to them. I think I've gotten them all figured out now, LOL.

The last thing in the main images is another purchase from Forever 21. Because they didn't have another little owl lip balm, and I was digging through the bin to somehow find another, this little gem fell into my hands. It was 3$, like the owl, and is a cute little yellow macaroon. I've seen these in vlogs as well and I'm excited to have one of each in my collection now!

Now, my last purchases were from Kmart as well and they were on sale. I try to make it a point to not go out and buy perfume, because I honestly have so many bottles that I'm trying to work through that buying more would just make it impossible to lighten the load. But these were just something I could pass up on. I wasn't a fan of Katy Perry's Purr when it came out, so I didn't think anything of these when they were released. They had them as testers in the store so I thought I would give them a sniff... and oh my GOD. They're so good! And I have to admit, I love the royal theme that she has going with them. Again, I'm sorry that my images are dark and they do nothing to flatter the bottles, which look like little vials of awesome!

Owl Lip Balm | Forever 21
Macaron Lip Balm | Forever 21 (sold out online!)
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash | Sephora (no longer there! Link is for Drugstore!)
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Food | Sephora (sold out online!)

What have you been shopping for?

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