March Favorites | 2015

by - 4/06/2015

I think I mentioned this in my last post, but wow, is the year going by fast! Throughout the month I had a lot of things change for me and so far it's all been good, which is relieving since things had been kind of on a downward spiral at the end of the year. I'm saving a bunch of stuff that I've gotten through the month for a little collective haul, so I thought I'd do a favorites post instead since I love seeing what people have been using and loving the most during the months!

I had first gotten this perfume in a small sample bottle. And I fell in love with it. I wore it everyday until it was gone and then I realized that it was a special edition and no stores sold it anywhere. This was way before I discovered online shopping. So I was devastated. Over the years, I forgot about it until I was perusing Amazon one day and found it. I immediately added it to my wish list and told myself I would get it when I had the cash. Come Christmas time, I sent out my wish list to my friends and even though this was on there, I was still surprised when I got it from my friend Kayla! I've basically been using it everyday since January (when we exchanged gifts).

I bought this on sale from Urban Outfitters last summer. And then it broke. So I stashed it away and forgot about it. I didn't have glue anyway. In the middle of out spontaneous move, I found it again and bought some glue for it. After haphazardly fixing it, I've been using it more often, instead of throwing my rings in my jewelry box. Plus it looks cute on my dresser!

My go to mascara. I've hardly been using anything else. I just really love the way this makes my lashes look. I have a complex with the length of my lashes, sue me, and this gives them the desired look. I've read that some people have had issues with the stopper coming loose and messing everything up, but I haven't had that issue and couldn't be more happy with this product. I could use it forever!

 I found this beaut on a whim at Wal-Mart. I love Peonies. They smell wonderful. And if this candle is anything to go by, they smell even better with roses. I went out and bought another one as soon as I could. I got the last one so apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this is a great candle!

I've also been obsessed with three albums this past month. Fall Out Boy's Long Live Rock 'N' Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho as well as the Arctic Monkey's AM. I downloaded these albums so I don't have images, but I highly suggest you give them a listen.

What were your favorites in March?

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