My First At Home Oil Mask | Hair Care

by - 4/24/2015

Hello Lovlies!
How's your April been? I feel like it's been flying by for me. May is in a week! My life has mainly been catching up on reading for a new post, (it's still mainly history books, as you can see from the side... shocker.) and trying different looks with makeup. Plus I've done a lot of shopping. (Whoops).

With all of that going on, my hair has kind of been taking a beating. I've been blow drying, straightening, curling all of that bad stuff and forgetting my heat protect-ant! Naughty. Lately my scalp has been super itchy too, but I have no dandruff, so I was confused for a little because I've never had dry skin or anything up there. So when I finally looked into it, I found that tea tree oil is good for things like that. Plus a lot of other things. I've also been seeing a lot of my beauty guru's on Youtube using coconut oil for hair masks. I thought it was about time that I gave my hair some love.

What I did was really simple; I parted my hair and put three or four drops of the tea tree oil along the part, rubbing it in, making different parts all over my head as I went along. I wanted to get my entire scalp, after all. Then I tossed my hair into a ponytail and drowned the rest in coconut oil, pinning it into a lovely little topknot at the crown. I left it in for an hour. I washed my hair with my TRESemme Split End shampoo and conditioner and did my usual routine. In the morning, my hair was SUPER soft.

But it was also wicked flat and static-y. I didn't put any product in my hair that morning because I was running late, but I would suggest a root lifting mousse and maybe something to control the static. I don't believe the hype with the dryer sheets...

Have you tried any hair masks? How did they work for you?

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