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by - 5/20/2015

You know when you order from Sephora and you're in the cart ready to check out, and they have all the options of what samples you'd like to get? I love those things. These particular samples needed a code, and since it was from a little while ago, I don't quite remember. But the time as given me the chance to try all of these little beauties, one of which I keep with me in my makeup bag 24/7.

Sunbeam | Full size $26.00
This little highlighter has a lot of punch to it, I'll admit. I don't tend to stray from my MAC Vanilla pigment, but this was fun to try. I'm not really a fan of the liquid consistency, but it looked pretty on the skin and my only regret is that the pictures I took of it on the skin didn't do it justice. However, would I pay $26 for the full size? No.

BADgal Lash Mascara | Full size $19.00
My experience with the mascara has not been a pleasant one. Usually, I love any and all mascaras, I have quite the obsession. But this one, since my first time trying it, has given me issues. I don't know if a piece of it got into my eye or if I was allergic to the formula, but my left eye was irritated and left red after applying this. After my eye got back to normal, the second try wasn't any better. I don't feel like this gave my lashes the voluminous look that it claims to give and when going through my makeup next, I will be tossing this out. The only positive thing about this mascara is the applicator, as it is a big, full bristle brush and not plastic like most sample mascaras are.

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Sugarbomb | Full size $16.00
The highlight of all the samples! I am already a big fan of nudes, so this lip gloss was an instant positive in my books. I haven't actually seen the PLUSH in this gloss, but the color is gorgeous, the consistency is smooth, and the shimmer makes the overall color pop even more. I would definitely go out and buy the full size of this, not to mention be willing to try the other colors that they have!

A rather short review this time around, but I feel like my experience with this brand is far from over and I'll hopefully be able to try a mascara from them that my eyes will agree with!

What product from Benefit would you recommend?

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