L'Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Collection | Review

by - 5/23/2015

Hi Lovlies! Have another review for you, don't I?!
All right, I'll be the first to admit it. I bought the Lumi collection based purely on the packaging. I have an obsession with rose gold and just loOK AT IT. Honestly, I was going to be good and not buy this stuff. Because for a drugstore product, it was pretty expensive. $10.97 at Wal-Mart to be exact. I got the primer on a whim. I had been reading about it and as I was checking out with other items, someone had casually left it sitting there in a pile with gum. I couldn't really say no. But I also didn't know the price until it was rung through. Yikes!

However, after trying the primer out, I HAD to try the rest. The primer made my face look so bright and awake under my foundation and concealer. So of course, I went out and bought the foundation and concealer so everything would match. I kind of like collections, haha.

I was not, and am not, impressed with the concealer. It has a terrible application. It's one of those crank appliers with the weird bristles and it goes on all wonky and ick. It didn't blend well over my spots and dark circles. I have a very deep complex with my under eye circles, so these things NEED to be covered for me to feel comfortable about my face when I'm wearing makeup. So while this little container of concealer looks cute on my dresser, it's not going to get much use until the random day I decide to try it again.

For the foundation, I didn't like it when I first tried it. I think this was because of two things. One, I applied it onto my face AFTER removing my makeup from the day. It was at night after work and I wanted to play around. So I hadn't washed my face or anything, just wiped my stuff off with a remover wipe. Secondly, I used a weird brush that I don't normally use for liquid foundation. It looked streaked and watery and just wasn't blending in the way I wanted. So I took it off and set the bottle with the concealer to be forgotten.

But I must have reasoned with myself about how I spent almost eleven dollars on the thing, so I tried it again. This time my face was clean and ready for application and I used one of my regular foundation brushes. This time it went on nicely and blended easily onto my skin. And it definitely gave me a nice little glow. This is still a pretty watery foundation and my skin is naturally oily, so I had to apply some powder on top to calm it down a bit, but other than that, it was great!

So there's a casual looking FOTD look for you with all the Lumi's minus the concealer. Because I still hate it, haha.

Have you tried the Magic Lumi collection? What did you think of it?

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