Review | Olay Fresh Effects

by - 6/18/2015

Happy mid June lovelies!
How has your month been so far? Mine's been busy and, from what you can see, I haven't had much time for blogging. But I have a little review here for you! I've been switching up and playing with my skin care routine and I found an exfoliant that I've really been loving.

So I purchased the Olay Fresh Effects based on other reviews that I've seen from the line. I went to my local store searching for the facial wipes, but since they didn't seem to have them in stock, grabbed this instead. I'm going to be honest, I've never used a 'swirled' product before and never really knew what the purpose was, but don't worry, I figured that bit out.

I really like the design of the Fresh Effects design. I went to college for graphic design, so packaging really affects how and what I buy. And yes, I'm being completely honest. I will try things at least once if it's in a well designed package. It's part of the reason I'm usually buying random things that I may or may not need. (Whoops).

This particular one is called Out Of This Swirled and has a lovely grapefruit and green tea scent to it. An exfoliating face wash was just what I needed and usually I tend to stay away from them. I hate the plastic beads and they both hurt my face no matter how lightly I scrub and do bad things to planet once they wash down the drain. So this is perfect because it doesn't have any of those plastic menaces and it's such a gentle scrub that it doesn't even feel like it's scrubbing all the icky stuff off your face. My pores have never looked and felt better and the black heads that were on my nose have completely vanished!

What is your favorite from the Fresh Effects line?

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