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by - 7/07/2015

Hello lovelies!
I was recently browsing through the MAC website and spotted a shade of lipstick that I immediately knew I needed to try. 'Velvet Teddy' is what it's called and I'll throw an image of it below for you to marvel at. However, it seems that no matter where you look for it, it's sold out everywhere.

So there's the swatch and isn't the color absolutely lovely? I LOVE my nudes, if you didn't already know. I still haven't quite made it into the whole 'daring lippie' colors yet, though I'm slowly working on it. But when I see colors like this it just makes me really happy. So as you can imagine, since it was really hard to find the MAC version anywhere, I went browsing around for similar colors and the internet did not disappoint me. I found a wonderful dupe for literally a quarter of the price!

My search led me to Wet n Wild's Bare It All lipstick. It is basically an exact copy of Velvet Teddy and I will admit that I've been wearing the heck out of it. I also decided to get a lip liner, my very first because I was recently the victim of 'bleeding' or whatever it's called and it wasn't very fun to go through. This is Wet n Wild's 712 lip liner. And for the price it is a really good consistency and easy to apply.

The both of them together cost me all of $3.00 at Kmart and trust me, this was such a good investment. I've never really purchased a lot of items from Wet n Wild before, but I will probably be going back! The lipstick does get all over the place, as in on the cover, but surprisingly does not spread around the face much. Which is good, overall.

The packaging for the lipstick is a little shaky, but I couldn't expect much else from something that cost just under $2.00. But as I mentioned already, I love the color and will be re-buying this as I'm sure the one I currently have will be gone within a few short months!

Will you be purchasing Bare it All?

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