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by - 7/29/2015

Hello everyone!
Like most bloggers out there, I'm a fan of Zoella, aka, Zoe Sugg. I've watched her for years and I just think she's an absolute doll. So when she came out with the first range of Zoella Beauty, I of course ordered it. As I did with her expansion. I might be a little late on the band wagon here to review the range, but as I live in the US, it took a while for my items to get here.

I was a little sad when it finally did show up, as the body scrub had a crack in the tub and it leaked a bit. Thankfully it's one of the thicker substances and I didn't lose all of it. I'll just have to re-tub it.

Now, again, because I don't live in the UK, I wasn't able to get the spray, as it has something to do with shipping and... well, it's just sad. I would love both from her collection, but no can do unless I go over there myself. In time.

Anyway, as you can see, I did get everything else. The lotion, yes. It is one of the best things in the collection. I expected the scent to be much stronger than it is, but it's very subtle. Which is nice, considering I was afraid I would literally smell like candy after using anything. However, I have been smelling my arms and hands since getting and using this. So. I guess there's that.

The fizz bar I won't be using until we move into a new place with a tub, so it will sit with the original fizz bar until then. I still find it hilarious that they actually need to note that it's not a candy bar. Some people... though kids, I understand.

Moving on, the scrub, although arriving cracked, is my favorite out of everything. I love a good scrub anyway and this one is just perfect. Like the lotion, the scent is subtle but you can really smell it in hot water and it leaves the skin feeling so silky smooth afterwards! I'll probably try to buy this in bulk next time, but I'm hoping it won't crack. :(

I haven't personally used the shower gel yet, but I imagine it will be lovely. I'm currently using the original Soap Opera as a body wash, as it doubles as that and bubbles. I might switch them soon, just so I can smell tutti fruitti all the time. HA. And lastly, the lip balm. I have to say I'm not really a big fan of tinted balms, but I got this with the understanding that it's build-able, so I could just use a little bit and be fine. I've only used it once since getting it, but it's not sticky and it's smooth to put on, which is soooo nice. I was afraid that it would smell like that generic drug store sticky lip gloss that EVERYONE has had in their lives. Big relief.

All in all, I think I would give the entire range a good 7.5 out of ten. Mostly for the lack of spray and the fact that my scrub came cracked and leaked everywhere.

Have you tried this collection yet?

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