Top 5 Beauty Products I Want To Try | 2015

by - 7/14/2015

Hello lovelies!
It's the middle of July already! This year is just flying by. And like every year, there are always new things in beauty that I want to try. This year isn't any different, so I thought I'd make a list so you can see what I'm interested in and also to use a reminder for myself.

As if I need more mascara... This is the Lights, Camera, Lashes waterproof mascara by Tarte. I think it's mostly the packaging that has me interested in this, though there is always room for a good waterproof mascara in anyone's collection.

This is a regenerating cleanser by Tata Harper. I want to try this because the description on Sephora says it's a 'gentle, daily exfoliating cleanser that acts as a four-in-one product to purify, minimize the appearance of pores, improve glow, and protect the skin's natural hydration balance'. My nose has a lot of pores that I'm trying to minimize and this has a lot of good reviews, so I want to give this a go.

The newest collection from The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito. I had gone into the shop and took a whiff of this and WOW does it smell wonderful! I need to start using scrubs more often so adding this to my shower routine would probably do my skin some good.

I was recently going through my makeup collection and realized that I have NO EYELINER. I mean, I have two pencil liners that have been rarely used, and when I went to try one out, I figured out why. They are scratchy and don't apply well. A nice liquid liner will be better.

This is kind of a random choice, as I have a good concealer already. I stumbled upon this on tumblr, believe it or not. Apparently, it's really good for covering up tattoos and scars. And it's super durable. I've noticed this collection in Wal Mart in my travels, so I figured I would give it a go.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes | $10.00 | 0.1 fl oz.
Virgin Mojito Body Scrub | $20.00 | 8.4 fl. oz.
Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner | $4.55 | .05 fl. oz.

What's on your list of products to try this year?

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