Farm Stand On A Bad Day

by - 9/16/2015

Hello Loves!
I seem to be posting a lot more lately! It's nice to finally be getting out of my writing rut. Yesterday my fiance and I did something that we don't get the chance to do often, as he only just started getting weekends off. We went to a farmer's market!

Now you're probably saying 'Calm down, Maegan. It's just a stand.' But it was just such a pleasant experience that it's really made me want to go all the time. The colors of all the vegetables and fruits in one spot were gorgeous and they even had some things that I've never seen or heard of before. And the SIZES of some of these things were insane.

It was so nice to go to this place and just talk with some of the worker's and not have to worry too much about what was going on. My fiance had been having a particularly bad day and this seemed to brighten him up a bit. Plus, he was really excited about all the organics around. No GMO? Yes, please!

Support the locals!

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