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by - 8/28/2015

Hello Loves!

It feels like it's been ages since I did one of these posts, even though it looks like it's only been about a month. I was doing so well with reading one book after the next, but I kind of took a little break for no reason for a couple weeks. But I got myself together and finished reading the book I was supposed to finish ages ago, haha. So here we go!

So after having this in my possession for about a month, I had to kick myself to get reading it. I think I was in a little slump after finishing All The Bright Places by Jenniver Niven. It was such a sad and undesirable ending. I don't think I even did a review on it! You can find where I posted about it here in my last Something post, but I never went into much detail. You know it's a good book when you feel a bit depressed about it being over. This book was a bit similar, though it had a much happier ending!

The Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby starts out rather depressingly. I'm not going to get into it and give out any spoilers, but the main theme of this book is about moving forward when you've lost someone close to you, someone you love. And as you'll probably be able to read from the main summary, the main character is struggling with the loss of her boyfriend, who was an organ donor. To help ease her pain and hopefully move on, she writes to the people that have received his organs. And every single one of them responds. Except one. You guessed it, the one who received his heart. The one organ that she feels is the main core of a person and who they are.

It's a very confusing, emotional, roller coaster of a ride throughout the rest of the book and I have to say I was a little annoyed sometimes when she didn't do something that she was supposed too. It would have made things easier, I think, but then again, the book would have been over way too soon and left a couple of empty strings. I gave this book a 3 star rating on and I think you should check it out!

I'm currently reading A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire. 
What are you reading right now?

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