Weekly Summary | Tuesday

by - 8/25/2015

Hello Lovelies!
I remember when I used to binge read blogs and see practically everyone doing little summaries of their days. I always enjoyed reading them because I liked seeing what people were up too and how they were feeling that particular day. I can't for the life of me recall seeing one being done recently, (if I've missed a blogger who does them let me know in the comments), so I thought I would start doing them myself. A lot of them used to be daily ones, but I thought I would do weekly ones and go from there. Plus who knows when something interesting would happen, haha.

♥ I won this cool power bank from the company I work for. Which is good because I always worry about my phone losing power when I'm on the train or something. Now I just have to remember to charge this, LOL.
♥ I've been trying really hard to stay healthy the past little while, but ROLOS. (They ordered a giant bag of them for the office and... I can't stop).
♥ I've really been loving JoJo's Tringle. Like, this is my childhood nostalgia coming back from the dead month, I swear! S Club 7 is ON TOUR! Did you know that?!
♥ Aside from listening to Jojo's melodic voice on repeat, I've been in such a poor mood lately. Uninterested, unmotivated, uninspired, just not willing to do things that I would normally love to get done. I don't want to say it's because of my living situation (which still hasn't changed) but I'm going to say that's what it is. Life is being really hard right now.
♥ Wedding planning.... what wedding planning?!
♥ I've finally made it to Season 4 of House, MD! *claps hands* This is an achievement for me, since I've been meaning to catch up on this show for ages. Have I mentioned that I'm also WAY behind on Bones?
♥ Favorite anything of the month: Hobbie Stuart.

I'm tagging any blogger that happens to read this to do their own daily/weekly/monthly summary because I miss reading them!

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