August Favorites | 2015

by - 9/12/2015

Hello Lovelies!
It is now time for the super delayed August favorites post! Every month I tell myself that I'm going to stay ahead of schedule with these kinds of posts and I never seem to be able to do so. Mostly because things just keep happening. Like my camera breaking. *Sigh* But I finally have it, so let's get into it!

So I only had a few things that I found myself constantly reaching for during the month of August. One of the was definitely my PINK In Your Dreams body mist. This, sadly, is something that they don't sell anymore and I had dug it out of my perfume stash at the beginning of the month. (I'm still partially living out of boxes, it's sad).  This mist smells SO SO good, I can't even explain it. All I know is that I wish they still made it because oh my God. They had a body wash in a similar scent that I loved as well called Hard To Get. Obviously, it was appropriately named.

As you can see, the Naked 2 palette is in there, along with Benefit's Roller Lash mascara. These two things are something that I'm always going to, honestly. The palette just has all the colors that I love to use for an everyday look. Sometimes I'll stray to other eye shadows, but I just can't be bothered most of the time at five AM. The mascara is turning into a cult favorite with a lot of beauty bloggers, I've noticed, since it's release earlier this year. And it's definitely easy to tell why. My lashes always look so long and curled with this stuff. It's addictive! There's also a beautiful brush in there by Real Techniques. I'm slowly building my collection of these. They are just so fluffy and awesome, I want every single one. This one is their 'blush brush' I believe, but I've been using it for bronzer.

Speaking of bronzer, this one was kind of a random buy. I was in Walgreens to pick up a new bottle of my brush cleaner and I saw TONS of Disney inspired makeup. I think the initial maker of these was ELF, but it was plastered with Disney's name, so I can't be sure. This bronzer looks like a compass, because... Pocahontas. And on the inside it has the impression of a leaf. I'm actually really impressed with this stuff. The color isn't that dark and is easily blend-able.

THIS. This stuff is AHMAYZING. I got this in one of my Birchboxes not that long ago, I'm thinking it was July. I've always wanted to try this spray but it's been out of my price range. Spending fifty bucks on something I've never even tried doesn't seem like a good idea, plus a waste of money, even with all the amazing reviews. So when I finally got this little sample bottle, I was over the moon. And for good reason! This spray gave my hair so much texture and grip that I completely blew through the bottle before the month was up. It does have a rather cosmetic scent to it, nothing fruity or something like that, but it doesn't even matter. I would buy this over and over again if I had the funds!

And lastly, what would a post of mine be like without a little Tudor thrown in? I found this little gem at Barnes and Noble, perusing around for something new to add to my bookshelf. So when I spotted this in the middle of everything else, the feeling I got was that I had found the needle in the haystack! This is a short little book on the Tudors, starting with Henry VII and ending with Elizabeth I, the end of the Tudor dynasty. I think this is the perfect book to give to someone who wants to know a little more about the most famous monarchs of England, but not so much that their heads would spin. Plus, the book is well designed. It looks like a tome that you might find in an old library and it definitely has given my bookshelf some charm. Aside from the three typos I've found in there, everything seems accurate and it is a breeze to read through!

And that's all for my favorites for August! What did you love last month?

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