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by - 9/08/2015

Happy September, Lovelies!

I hope it's cooling down where you are because the sun is killing us over in Boston. Ninety degrees all week?! I've had to pull out all my beauty hacks to keep my foundation from sliding off... ick. Anyway, my camera died over the weekend while I was in the middle of taking pictures for my August favorites post. So while that is getting fixed, I thought I'd share one of my online baskets with you!

I don't think I'm the only one that does this, but when I'm browsing for things online, I put them all into my basket to save them, and then come back later when I know I can afford to splurge. This is currently what is going on with my online cart at Sephora. It's been about a month or so since I started this thing and I haven't had the extra funds, which results in some things becoming sold out and whatnot, but that's okay, I think I still have a lot of great items in here! So grab a cuppa and feel free to take a nosey into my shopping cart.

First up is the They're Real teaser from Benefit. I'm always looking for a good eyeliner and this one looks very intriguing. Up until about a week ago I didn't even have a good eyeliner to use. I found a decent one that I will be doing a review on soon, but this has been in my cart for quite some time. And of course, I wanted the teaser set because it comes with the matching mascara. Not like I need more of that, but, you know.

This is the Clinique Instant Lift for Brows. My eyebrows... let me tell you, they're a constant battle. The hairs grow very sparsely so there's quite a few spaces to fill. I've finally gotten them into the shape I like and I'm using a pretty okay mixture of powder and pencil to fill. This comes with a beautiful highlighter as well, so I'd really, really like to try this. Soon.

Now, I couldn't just turn away from this. I was browsing my dash on Tumblr and saw a picture of this. It. Is. GORGEOUS. I'm a sucker for good packaging, as you may know, and all this glittery. I love it. This is an illuminating powder for face and body and I think it would give just a pretty glimmer of shine for the upcoming fall days.

I've been going through a lot of mists and perfumes lately. I recently dug out a lot of my old scents and have been slowly going through them to clean them out. After all, I bought them, I'm going to use them! I smelt this in store when it first came out and have wanted it ever since. I don't get a lot of roller balls so I've opted for this instead of the bottle version to help myself keep clutter off of my dresser.

I believe this was in my Top 5 Beauty Products post of things I want to try, and it is still a priority. Anything that is four-in-one that will help my skin get rid of pores and give it a good glow is a thumbs up for me. Now I just need to buy it.

Another skin product that I've been wanting to try. First of all, I love the packaging of TARTE products. It's beautiful and sets it apart from other beauty brands. Secondly, this oil claims to target skin concerns like spots and lack of brightness. Yes, please.

Lastly, I need a good foundation. I do not own any high end foundations, aside from my MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. I like using that when I'm having good skin days. However, I need something with a good coverage in liquid form and I've been hearing nothing but good things about this one. I was leaning towards NARS the other day before finally plopping this one into my cart. Here's hoping I picked the right one!

Have you used any of these products?

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