Weekly Summary | Wednesday

by - 9/30/2015

It's been such a hectic and crazy couples of days, but I thought I would end the month of September with a little weekly summary. Mainly for the fact that I really need to try and get my head together, make sure it's still secure on my shoulders.

♥ Ah, me and pops. Look at how tiny I was! I'd like to note that I'm wearing my Esmeralda outfit, the original leggings ensemble, thank you very much.
♥ Back on the grid! I've been without an active phone for a little over a year and the frightening feeling you get when you know you can't call anyone if something bad happens is forever gone.
♥ Off to get something pretty cool tonight. Though I'm not going to mention it because I think it'll make a really nice, separate post.
♥ Mike (my fiance) and I finally found the perfect wedding venue! We're still collecting the deposit, but once that is out of the way, I'll finally be able to get everything together. Whoo!
♥ RPG. Do any of you know what that is? Jcink? Anyone?
♥ Scream Queens. New addiction. Just another show that I don't really need on my list, but it is. Hopefully I'll stay up to date on this one so I don't have to binge. (Like I still have to do with PLL, whoops).
♥ Books. Books, books, books. I've been binge reading, no lie. I checked out at least fifteen from the library. Expect an overhaul post in the future.
♥ Favorite anything of the month: Contacts. I finally have them!

Once again, I'm tagging any blogger that happens to read this to do their own daily/weekly/monthly summary because I STILL miss reading them!

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