Book Shelf Tour | 2015

by - 10/14/2015

Welcome to my bookshelf! I borrowed this idea from my dear friend Ami over at Review's Resort, whose already done three whole shelves! I usually try to keep my books in order, as an OCD kind of thing, so you should know that the first two books I list by Hilary Mantel should be reversed and yes, it is bothering me even now. But. Go take a peek to see what Ami keeps on her shelf and let me know what you keep on yours!

Top Shelf
♥Harry Potter 2013 Edition Boxed Set | J.K. Rowling
♥The Tale of Despereaux | Kate DiCamillo
♥The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo | Stieg Larsson
♥Al Capone Does My Shirts | Gennifer Choldenko
♥How Not To Be Popular | Jennifer Ziegler
♥Getting Revenge On Lauren Wood | Eileen Cook

First Shelf
♥Bring Up The Bodies | Hilary Mantel
♥Wolf Hall | Hilary Mantel
♥The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn | Robin Maxwell
♥Mademoiselle Boleyn | Robin Maxwell
♥Naked To Mine Enemies: The Life of Cardinal Wolsey | Charles W. Ferguson
♥The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey | Charles Cavendish
♥The Anne Boleyn Collection | Claire Ridgway
♥Love Letters To Anne Boleyn | Henry VIII
♥The Fault In Our Stars | John Green
♥For Whom the Bell Tolls | Ernest Hemingway
♥Morrie: In His Own Words | Morrie Schwartz
♥The Giver | Lois Lowry
♥The Ring of Solomon | Jonathan Stroud
♥Dead End | Jason Myers
♥Me and Earl and the Dying Girl | Jesse Andrews
♥The Heptameron | Margueritte de Navarre
♥The Tudors Treasury | Elizabeth Norton

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