Weekly Summary | Friday

by - 10/30/2015

Hello Lovelies!
I'm doing a weekly summary today mainly because A LOT has gone on this week. And I mean a lot. It's actually been a really stressful couple of days.

♥So it was National Cat Day this week. I posted this on Instagram (Follow me at @ohmy_m!) and it just made me miss all my little babies more. Cosmo (top left) lives with my mom, Princess and Four (top right) currently live with us and are trouble makers to the core, Enzo (bottom left) passed away last summer :''(, and Lacey (bottom right) now lives with my mom as well.
♥Mike has been sick most of the week. Which means no sleep for either of us!
♥Maybe some of you noticed, but I had some issues with my domain this week. Meaning the site was down and just wasn't doing what it was supposed too. Moral: Always pay attention to those emails.
♥I got on the WRONG train home the other day. Which resulted in me catching the subway back to the main train station so I could catch a different train home. Ugh, I have never run so fast in a crowd in my life.
♥Anxiety. This has been the worst thing about this week. Thankfully, I've managed to get out of bed and get through the day, but there's nothing like a little demon in your head telling you that everything is going to go wrong. Yikes.

I'm tagging any blogger that happens to read this to do their own daily/weekly/monthly summary because I STILL miss reading them! 

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