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by - 11/06/2015

Hello Lovelies!
I honestly wasn't going to do a 'Something About' post because I've been burning through books so quickly lately. (I have a personal quota to fill and I'm determined to beat it!) But after finishing the latest book, I felt like I really needed to talk about it. Because it made me cry. Just a bit. Or a lot, you know.

I picked up Me Before You by Jojo Moyes because, let's be honest, it's everywhere now. I think mainly because they are making a movie out of it with Emilia Clarke. SWOON. Anyway, so with this in tow from the library, I set it aside as I had a giant collection of others to go through. You may remember my last Something About post that included a good handful from said library. Reading the back of this, I didn't really know what to make out of it, only that I would probably either get through it really quickly or I would stop within the first few chapters and then return it without another thought. Though honestly, I would have been a little sad, given that I usually am when I come across a book that doesn't really spark my interest like I thought it would. Thankfully, this was not the case.

I'm going to get a little more in detail with this post than I usually do, because for some reason, this book just really got to me. So at this point, if you haven't read it and would like to avoid the spoilers, STOP READING! Because spoilers, baby.

All right, so from the back of the book, you would know that we're focusing on Louisa Clark, who is slightly out of the norm for someone her age. She dresses in bright colored things, wears her hair in Princess Leia buns, prances around in metallic flats and is in love with bees. Cute and quirky, just how I like my main characters. She's perfectly happy working at the little cafe in her tourist filled town, (Which has a castle! Jealous.), and doesn't imagine that she would ever lose said job. Because that would possibly mean the financial ruin of her family. Her younger sister, Treena, got pregnant young despite being incredibly smart and works at a local flower shop, her father is on the brink of losing his job due to the company changing bosses, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of the grandfather and little Thomas, (Treena's son).

So the house is pretty packed. And though Louisa (commonly referred to as Lou) has been with her boyfriend, Patrick, for about six - seven years at this point, they have no interest in moving in with one another. Actually, their relationship seems pretty tense, from the vibe I got. Okay, now I'm going to move ahead to Will Traynor. The charismatic, attractive, sarcastic man that lost everything when a motorcyclist hit him, causing him to have a very serious spinal cord injury, labeling him medically as a C5-6 quadriplegic. It's safe to say that this man, who was so into sky diving, mountain climbing, and doing all kinds of adventures, has been stuck in a chair for two years with no movement from the top of his chest, down. He has a little movement in one of his hands, but not much. This is where you start feeling bad for him, until he becomes that sarcastic douche and you fall in love with his sadistic sense of humor.

Again, I'm going to skip ahead because I'm nothing like Ami and am crap at full on reviews. Basically, Will has tracked down this place that allows you to end your life on your terms and he is just all for it, but has promised his parents six months before doing so. Which is why Lou was hired, to try and cheer him up. They form a relationship that goes beyond what was expected and suddenly everything in Lou's life is all about Will. Which is expected, since she's trying to make sure that by the time her contract is up, he no longer wants to end his life. But despite everything, he still does, knowing that he could never be the man that he wants to be for her the way he is.

I cannot express how devastatingly crushed I was at the end of this book, because of all these feels for this character. You so badly want to help him but know that the ending of his life is really the only thing that will actually help him in the way that he wants. There is a second book, continuing Lou's story, but I really don't think I'm going to read it. Characters, like people, move on and find new love and I don't think I'm ready for her to move on from Will. Maybe sometime in the future I'll finally read it. But for now, I'm happy with the knowledge that I fell in love with Will like Lou did and was content enough to know him and not need to know what happens after.

*Wipes tears from eyes* So aside from my very sad attempt to do a full on review and probably made the book sound like a gigantic bore, there is a good amount of humor in here that keeps the book light in the middle.

Will you be giving this book a read?

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