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by - 11/17/2015

I know what you're thinking... another book post?

Well.... yes, because honestly I've been trying to meet my quota of forty books read in a year (five away!) and also, because this book has been on my list for a long, long, long time. Or at least since I found out it was going to become a movie and one of the most attractive men in the world is going to be playing the main character. Now, before you judge me, google Nick Bateman. You're welcome.

The name is Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and the only thing I knew about this book and the plot was that the main character, Miles Archer, is a pilot and he's super mysterious and yada yada. There are about a million gifs and videos on the preview for the movie with the tagline. It's all very ominous. I was going to buy the book, naturally, but when my book store didn't have it, that's when I trudged to the library. And a short transit trip later, I had it in my hands. Which means I got it yesterday and I dove right into the thing.

I'm not very far into it. Maybe in the seventh chapter. But geez, is this thing dripping in sexual tension. Miles is clouded in mystery and is one of those 'doesn't talk much but stares a lot' type of characters and the girl, Tate, (not a fan of the name for a female lead) seems kind of 'Bella from Twilight' kind of ditsy, though I will admit she's definitely a lot better than Bella. Please don't hate, Twilight fans, I did read and like the books a little. The movies did kill it for me though. Hopefully Ugly Love will be one of those book to film movies that actually does it right. But they can't all be winners.

Even Harry Potter skipped a couple of important and lovable scenes. Like Peeves. Where did he go?!

Have you / will you read Ugly Love?

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