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by - 12/09/2015

Hello Lovelies!

Today's Blogmas is a late one, but it still counts! I thought I'd get a head start on my New Year's Resolution list, since I like to know what I'm setting myself up for for the year ahead. You can read my updated checklist here, which I updated in March when I was able to cross two off that list!

This past weekend, we finally moved, as you may have already read. So I get to cross another one off that list! I'm going to copy and paste it below so you can get a little peak at it.

1. New car
2. New apartment/house
3. Fix the Mac!
4. Get married
5. Write more

The fourth and fifth have not been as easy. Getting married... well, we need the money for that first and getting an apartment was just a little more important. So that is going to stay where it is. Writing more, I think I have done well with. I'm up to about fifty or so posts for the year, which is a lot better than my thirty from last year. Though to be fair, I only started this blog in October of 2014. But I do lots of writing elsewhere, so I'm going to check that off as well!

Looks like I need to add a few more things to my list! I'm actually very proud of what I have accomplished throughout 2015 and I think that is really what resolution lists are all about. Giving yourself a little to-do list, checking it off, and then reflecting and letting all those accomplishments sink in. SO for 2016, I might have to step it up just a little bit.

1. Be healthier
2. Read more
3. Make more time for friends/family
4. Reach 500 followers on Twitter!
5. Get married

So there we have it. A little list of little things to get done in 2016. Like before, this will be updated and maybe even changed to fit the needs I think I will need as time goes on, but I think this is a great place to start!

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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