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by - 12/04/2015

Hello, you Christmas pies!

I've been feeling SO in the Christmas spirit lately and it's only getting worse since we'll actually have a new home to celebrate in! I've been making everyone else get in the spirit as well by watching some of my favorite Christmas films on repeat, so I thought I'd share them with you so you could do the same!

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, knows that this is my favorite Christmas film. I am obsessed with it. I watch it year round. It's the first thing I put it when it turns December first and it's on constant repeat throughout the month. It gets a definite good loving throughout the month, though like I said, it doesn't stay dusty long! SANTA'S COMING!

If you live in the States, you know that ABC Family has a thing called 25 Days of Christmas, where they constantly play Christmas specials. A good handful of them include these types of short movies, that look like puppets on strings. Which is what they are and to me, this is when it TRULY has become the Christmas season. This is my favorite of these films. Mainly because I could practically recite to you every line since I've been watching it since I could blink, but also because it has a cute little penguin who lost his way and wears a scarf. 

This is a rare find that I also think ABC Family plays. It might also be where I found it, but I can't remember. This is the cutest story of a little dog named Olive that believes she is a reindeer. So she travels all the way to the North Pole to stop an evil mailman from destroying Christmas, (because he's angry about all the mail he has to deliver to Santa in the snow), and to help Santa pull his sleigh. It's a funny and adorable film and one that has made it's way into my routine films of the season.

Another classic that I grew up with. I love all of the Charlie Brown holiday films, so much so that my grandmother bought me the set for Christmas one year, but this is the one that I play most often. Why? Because it's Christmas! Here in the States, that little tree with the over-sized bauble is iconic and one that I'll be seeing everywhere until January. No complaints!

Now, I love both versions of this film. The Jim Carey version is longer and definitely hilarious, I always end up watching both. But the cartoon from 1966 is the one that I love the most. It's the one that I grew up with and it just brings back all those happy memories of when I was little.

A lot of people may not know this, but I LOVE Garfield. This is thanks to my father, who was also obsessed with him as I grew up. I was constantly surrounded by the fat, orange cat and I would always steal my father's comic books of Garfield to read. So naturally, I would love the Christmas special. I think I have always loved the cartoon cat, especially when he got his show, and this special is definitely a heart warmer. A short one, but a definite goodie.

Oh look, something that isn't a cartoon! I actually haven't watched this one in a long while, but I saw Faith on Youtube watching this in her latest video and remembered how much I LOVE it. Tim Allen is hilarious and I'm probably going to be playing this a lot more this year now that I've remembered it!

Finally, on my list, is Mickey Mouse's A Christmas Carol. I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for this one! I don't own a copy of it, but I believe Netflix has the House of Mouse episode where this one plays at the end. Actually, let's just say that the House of Mouse Christmas Special is THE BEST THING EVER because it shows all the Disney Christmas cartoons that you could ever imagine. The Nutcracker, Mickey decorating his tree and house with Pluto, Pluto chasing Chip and Dale. All childhood favorites!

What are your absolute favorite Christmas films?

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