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by - 12/06/2015

Hello Lovelies!

This one is a bit late today, as I've been moving all day, but I am determined to post everyday this month until Christmas! So I thought, since I can't take any pictures as I don't know where my camera is, that I would share with you my favorite things about Christmas!

Our Christmas tree from 2013!

1. The Days Leading Up to Christmas!
Honestly, the lead up to the big day is the best part about Christmas, I think. The lights and the decorations and alllll the baking! I love it when the entire town decks out for the holidays.

2. Tea and Hot Chocolate!
I drink tea year round anyway, but there is just something extra special about it when it's all dressed up in a Christmas mug. I love loading up my hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream!

3. Decorating!
Decorating for the holidays is the absolute best thing about this time of the year. I already mentioned all the lights, but all the stores have the cutest bits and bobs that you can buy and put around the house just to make your home and room look ready for Christmas!

4. Buying the Perfect Tree!
There is nothing more special than going out to pick out the best tree for the house. I love the smell of pine trees and this year, we're opting for a real one, so my NEW OFFICE is going to smell divine all the way up until New Years!

5. Christmas Films!
Watching Christmas films is so much fun and it really gets you into the spirit! You can see my favorites here!

6. Cozy Socks and Warm Baths!
I'm not a fan of the cold, so taking nice, warm baths is something I'm so super excited about, especially since I haven't been able too in the last year and a half. Putting some hydrating lotion on my feet and tucking them into some cozy socks keeps my feet warm and soft!

So those were just a couple of my favorite things to do for the holidays! Comment below with your favorite things so I can see and maybe try something new!

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  1. Lovely blogpost!

    I agree! The lead up to christmas is always so much more exciting than the actual day itself! I love all the lights and sparkles that are everywhere!

    Francesca xxx