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by - 1/11/2016

Hello everyone!

 I think it's safe to say that I am not the most savvy person when it comes to Bloglovin'. I haven't really promoted it very much and I honestly don't think about it at all. That's all fine and well if you're only using it to follow and watch your favorite bloggers for when they make a post, but if you want your blog to get somewhere, or just to solidify the fact that what you're posting is getting to the people that could use and enjoy the information, Bloglovin' can be a really good tool. And I'm (hopefully) going to help you navigate it and use it for the good of your blog.

Seriously. Even if you don't draw attention to it in your posts, having it on the side or somewhere easily and quickly visible is probably a good thing. Actually, in my goal to be more active and functional, I've found that having the widget brings in readers faster! FYI, mine is right there. See, on the side? Under my face? Yes, click it. ; )

2. Use good headlines
In this kind of day and age, words should mean a lot more than they do. People are really just looking for something quick and easy, so your headline should be just that. It shouldn't stress you out when it comes to coming up with a post headline. Asking questions, talking to the reader, and using positive and negative words are supposed to work really well. Give it a try with me!

3. Connecting your blog with Bloglovin'
Connecting your blog to Bloglovin' not only helps the readers see who you are, if they haven't seen you already, but this will give you access to analytics and insights that will help you understand more of the activity going around on your blog. Nice.

Everyone likes visuals. I like visuals. I wish I had more and better visuals. I'm getting there. This can sometimes be a working progress for bloggers, like myself, but the important thing here is that you use your own images. If you can't, or what you want to show is something that looks better online, just make a note in the post about where the image came from. I don't know about you, but I want my readers to be able to trust me, so not dancing around the truth is a good start. In the meantime, work your way on up to getting better pictures!

5. Follow other blogs
I think this one really speaks for itself. Following other blogs not only shows that you are active, but that you're supporting your fellow bloggers. Things are a lot more crazy these days in the blogging world. Some people are in it for how many endorsements they can grab or how much money they can make. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the trust is there. Bloglovin' is a good tool to help support other bloggers and get support in return! You can also get some pretty great inspiration for future posts as well!

6. Uh yeah, hi, free marketing?
I know as bloggers, or me, we (I) tend to think very narrowly about the whole thing. Sometimes it's hard writing up a post because in my head I'm thinking 'What if nobody reads this? What if they hate it? How can I get people interacting with what I put out?' The truth is, and I've only been doing this for a little over a year, but it's just not that simple and definitely not that easy. If you're looking to get into blogging for the money or for gaining lots of followers right off the bat, you're going to be pretty disappointed. It is rough sometimes, wondering if what I'm posting is getting to people and if they're even listening. Everyone wants someone to listen, to talk with, to learn. Twitter has been a good stepping stone for me when it comes to getting my posts out. Every time I hit publish, I'm also linking it up on Twitter.

Social media is a great thing because all of these platforms are free and at our disposal. I suppose it's really just getting used to using them that determines how well they work. Bloglovin' might not seem like it, but it is a social platform, and it definitely will help you on whatever blogging journey that you're on.

So, quick discussion time, if you please. Comment below with what you've done that has worked for you or any advice that you might have for new/all bloggers.

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