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by - 1/05/2016

Hello, 2016! 
Who knew that the first post of the new year would be a book post? I haven't done one of these in so long and here's why: the book I'm about to go over took me two months to read. And it was only five hundred something pages! I've read books with a thousand pages faster then this! I believe the main problem for me was because this was a very detailed, slow moving book. But let me introduce it first.
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For those of you that have never heard about or seen this book, peak your head out of the blankets, my friend. It has been everywhere the last couple of months. Winning awards left and right. So with all those awards and recognition, it has to be good, yes? Naturally, when my local library gets something like this in, I snatch it. I want to know why it's so good! This thing is packed with intimate details and goes off on tangents about snails and locks. Le sigh. Let's move on.

This book is set in the forties, the era of Hitler. It focuses on two main characters, Marie-Laure and Werner. Marie-Laure is French, of course, and blind. I actually liked this bit because it really helped the author go over and above with detail. I joke, it was super annoying. Not that she was blind, but that when he was having her examine something, he would go completely off topic. I think this was why I had to put down the book and come back to it so many times. I can read and move through detail as easily as the next person. But when you start talking about science when you were just talking about how she counted the drains in the streets to find her way around, you've lost me.

Werner is German and an orphan. But an incredibly smart kid. This is where the science really comes in and was acceptable. Thankfully, he didn't stray here when he went into detail. Werner was the MC that I really fell in love with because the poor kid just wanted to make radios and transmitters and do great things, but the war had other things in mind for him. Another character that we meet with Werner is Volkheimer. A giant of a guy, a fierce solider that loves classical music, you really appreciate this guy. Really. There is nothing more I'm going to say about him, because if for nothing else, you should read it for him.

Moving on, I gave this book three stars on Goodreads and was pretty disappointed with the Hollywood ending it seemed to receive. Not everything was sunshine and puppies at the end for all the characters involved, but you would think that it would be just a little bit less cloudy. Ah, well. Now I can move on down the list of books that will hopefully move a bit more smoothly when it comes to the plot. I didn't reach my goal of forty books read for the year, thanks to this thing, ugh, but I set myself the same goal for this year and I'm hoping to overcome it.

What are you reading right now? Any recommendations?

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