The Secret to Half Off The Body Shop!

by - 2/21/2016

Hello Beauties!

I am so VERY excited for this post because I think it will help a lot of you! I love getting products from The Body Shop. In fact, I had a little splurge back in December during Blogmas. You can see what I got here. But about a week ago, I discovered something MIND BLOWING while walking through one of my local department stores. THEY HAVE SO MANY PRODUCTS FROM THE BODY SHOP.

I already had a Honeymania shower gel from my first haul, but now I have two of these bad boys, also including the Wild Argan Oil shower gel. These are $18 at the Body Shop, but I got them for $10! Technically $9.99, but I've rounded it up a cent. Still, considering I got two for practically the price of one is amazing. These are going to last me so long!

I found almost the entire Smoky Poppy collection! I remember this being heavily promoted when it first came out and it smells amazing. The shower gel was $4, the bath bombs were $6, and the seed scrub was $5! All of those prices were half off what they go for in store. I paid $15 for all three of these, instead of $30! I also found a Coconut shower cream for $4.

The next find was a big one. I already have the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I bought it for $30. The price that I got it for the other day broke my heart, mostly because of all the money I splurged on it originally. $13.99. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS? Yes, this is real life and I'm still in shock. Like, help. AND THEN I found a Fuji Green Tea body butter for $5!


If you have a department store near you, I would highly suggest taking a good look around their beauty section for hidden finds like these. I found these babies at TJ Maxx, but I think Marshall's would also have a similar selection.

So there it is! The secret to saving money but still getting what you desire! Why can't everything be like this?

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  1. I've never even thought to look in TK Maxx! Such good bargains - I love the Body Shop!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x