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by - 4/15/2016

Hello Lovelies!
Every time I write a new book post, I feel like it's been months since I wrote the last one. I think I just get caught up doing other posts, so when I finally sit down to do one of these, it just feels like centuries. Thank goodness that's not the case!

This 'Something About' is a little different from most of the others, as it's going to be a very cheeky haul rather than me going over what I've been reading. I'm still up to date with my reading goal for the year, but I don't feel like I've been breezing through books like I usually do. Hopefully everything that I grabbed will change that!

I have a strange mixture of books, most from a really awesome website that I just discovered. I thought Book Depository was great, but Thrift Books is amazing! Most, if not all of their books, are between three and four dollars. YES. Of course, some of the books they didn't have on their website I ended up grabbing from Barnes and Noble. Oh well.

First up is Henry VIII and Macbeth, because what would a book post of mine be without a little Tudor? I thought I had a copy of Shakepeare's Henry VIII somewhere, but I must have misplaced or lost it during the move, so I picked it up to get free shipping from Barnes and Noble. (LOL). Macbeth was actually in the lost and found bin at work. Don't worry, I waited the obligatory two weeks before snatching it up for myself.

Looking For Alaska by John Green is one that I've already read, but I could never justify buying a copy for twenty bucks. Thankfully it was only three dollars and some change online! Ugly Love is another I've already read, (you can find my hilariously bad review of it here), but this is a VERY special copy! On the cover it says, just under the title, 'ADVANCED UNCORRECTED PROOFS - Not For Sale or Quotations'. Which means that this is a copy of the book that they only sent to journalists or celebrities or something like that. Very exciting, in my opinion! And, because I had been reading so many great reviews on it, I grabbed The Night Circus.

If I had a catchphrase in life, it would probably be 'MOAR TUDOR' because why not? As I've said before, I'm obsessed with the time era. And Kings and Queens just fascinate me. So naturally, I have four books here relating to that. Sex With the Queen, Royal Scandals, Doomed Queens, and How To Be A Tudor are all going to be keeping me occupied for the next couple of months. But let's be honest, I'll probably finish them all within a month.

Next and lastly, I have a couple of self books. You know the kind, the ones that urge you to find your inner whatever. Big Magic is the one I'm currently digging into. I'm still early into it, but it's not bad so far. Calm is one that I've been wanting for a while, but just leafing through it, I've seen that it has a lot of relaxing things inside that will especially help those with anxiety. I don't have it terribly, but I do have mild cases of it from time to time. Lastly, Unreasonable Hope, something I mainly picked up for my fiance. But I'm hoping it will be an interesting read.

Macbeth | Free!
Henry VIII | $5.99
The Night Circus | $3.85
Sex With the Queen | $3.59
Doomed Queens | $3.59
Royal Scandals | $3.59
Ugly Love | $5.12
Looking For Alaska | $3.59
Calm | $12.81
Unreasonable Hope | $9.92
How To Be A Tudor | Library Book!
Big Magic | Library Book!

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