When Masks | Review

by - 5/18/2016

Everyone loves a good face mask and I can't say that I'm any different. I've been experimenting a lot with different skincare products lately, so I was very excited when these arrived in the mail. These masks by When are perfect for different occasions! I haven't found too many face masks that I like, but these had a couple of benefits that I enjoyed.

First of all, the masks weren't huge. Most of the standard face masks are made to fit all, which is fine, but my face is just a bit smaller than average. These fit comfortably over my face without too much excess. I didn't feel like I was wasting half the mask. Waste not!

Not only that, but I have to say that I loved that they cater to your specific needs at the time. Snow Magic is great for brightening your skin. Glamour Base helps prepare your skin for makeup, so is best used in the morning or before a night out. Travel Mate is perfect for when you need a little refresher after a plane ride or road trip.

You can see the other types of masks they have by visiting them here!
What are you favorite types of masks?

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