Tanya Burr Cosmetics | Collection

by - 7/30/2016

This is quite a picture heavy post so if you've made it down this far, kudos! I really just wanted to share the Tanya Burr products that I've collected since she first released them and, as you can see, some are more loved than others. Some are just recently purchased, like those from her newest release, and some were sold out when I first went to grab them. Nevertheless, I love how much pigment her shadows have, and the bronzer that comes in the blusher palette is just the perfect kind for me. Plus I do love the little sparkle that's added.

Fairytale Eye Palette
Galaxy Eye Palette
Hollywood Eye Palette
Enchanted Eye Palette | NEW!
Birthday Suit Eye Palette | NEW!
Peachy Glow Cheek Palette
Soft Luxe Lip Gloss in Martha Moo | NEW!
Lip Gloss in I Found Nemo
Lip Gloss in Picnic in the Park

Do you have any of Tanya Burr's products?

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