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by - 8/06/2016

Well, hasn't this post been a long time coming! I've been going through as many books as I can this summer and, as with any Harry Potter book, it took me literally less than twenty four hours to finish this. I've read multiple reviews and even went to the midnight release with my best friend, so I think it's time to weigh in on the last little installment of Harry's life.


Coming in where we left off in the Deathly Hallows is the best way to start, I think, with Albus being nervous over which house he'll be sorted into and Harry reassuring him. I think when we first read this scene eight years ago, we got all of these thoughts about Albus and Scorpius, who we only see brief glimpses of. We created our own versions of the characters. But moving forward, we see a completely different version of him, one that I personally, wouldn't have thought up myself. Though it is kind of a stereotypical way to go.

Time moves forward, Albus is a surly, skinny boy that is kind of unpopular, the only friend he can really turn too is Scorpius Malfoy, who is the kindest, smartest little lad you'd ever want to meet. Being sorted into Slytherin made people wonder what was wrong with him, while Scorpius is plagued by the rumor that his parents aren't really his parents. The stereotypical points are that Albus rather hates who his father is, not by personality per say, but because he is 'The Savior, the boy who lived, the great Harry Potter'. Supposedly, it's not easy being the boy who has to live in his father's shadow.

The story really starts moving when Amos Diggory, Cedric Diggory's father, comes to Harry's house and asks him, quite desperately, to please go back in time and bring his son to him. The Ministry had just found a time turner, naturally. Albus overhears Harry decline, but not before meeting Amos's niece, Delphi. She doubles as her Uncle's nurse and caretaker. Deciding that there is too much blood on his father's hands and he needs to correct the unfair death of Cedric, Albus convinces Scorpius to escape the Hogwart's Express and sneak into the Ministry of Magic to get the time turner.

Note: At this point, I've already deduced that I don't like Albus's character all that much. He's narrow minded and thinks too much like Snape in regards to his father, and carries on this plan of his with little regard to strategy. Scorpius is very much like Draco, and surprisingly, Hermione. Which I quite liked.

After stealing the time turner with help from Scorpius and Delphi, who seems to pop up at the most random of times, the two boys go back in time and stop Cedric from distracting the dragon in the first challenge of the TriWizard Tournament. This causes him to lose the first challenge. They had also bumped into Hermione while dressed in Durmstrang robes, giving her suspicions of their strange behavior. The time turner is flawed, allowing for only five minutes of time. As they're flung back into the present, Albus's arm gets broken, right before the adults find them. Convenient.

Their little intervention in the past didn't quite work they way they wished. Cedric still died, and presenting themselves to Hermione in the manner that they had caused her to never go to the ball with Viktor Krum. So the argument between Hermione and Ron never happened. They never married. Ron married Padma Patil, having one child with her, while Hermione became professor of DADA. I think it's interesting to mention that she also became rather mean and doesn't seem to be friends with Harry or Ron in this universe.

So after effectively erasing Rose and her brother from existence and destroying a marriage, they try again, this time they want to humiliate Cedric, so he'll drop out of the competition altogether. They do, inflating his head underwater and sending him into the sky and out of the second challenge. When they return to the present time, however, Albus is nowhere to be seen, and Scorpius is alone. This is the worst universe yet. Harry is dead, Voldemort is in command, and Umbridge is Headmaster of Hogwarts. Awful things happen and while this universe seems to work in Scorpius's favor; he's popular, athletic, and everyone seems to value everything he says and does, he is effectively frightened of this world.

He convinces an alive Snape to help, who brings him to a rebel Hermione and Ron, who all travel back in time to deflect the charms the two boys had done to ruin Cedric's chances. It works and Scorpius is back in the present time, Albus as well and everything seems fine and dandy. Though they are both in a crap-ton of trouble as the adults come in once again. Scorpius claims the time turner is lost in the lake and everyone goes about their business while others look for it.

Moving forward, they go off to try and destroy the time turner, deciding that they can't do anything to help Cedric, that things are as they are. However, Delphi shows up and turns out to be a person they should have avoided. She wants Voldemort to be in power, as she claims to be his daughter, her mother being Bellatrix Lestrange. (Like, what the actual heck, right?) So basically, she's insane and brings them back in time to the last challenge of the TriWizard Tournament; The Maze.

Where they're little brats and do anything and everything they can to ruin her plans. Which works, but then she disappears, apparently going back to the day Voldemort marked Harry. If you're going to change the past, might as well do it drastically, right? Anyway, I'm going to skip over a few things because it does get rather exciting and I don't want to ruin THOSE bits. But long end-of-story short, with the help of Harry and the gang, Albus and Scorpius keep the past, present, and future in tact. Draco and Scorpius work on building a more touchy-feely relationship, and Albus isn't such a little twat anymore.


Many reviews said this was fanfiction at it's best, which is not a compliment, considering J.K.'s name is plastered to the side. Others said it was the best thing that they could have hoped for. I'm one of the people who is standing firmly in the middle; because while I liked the insight into the future, I didn't love it. I quite agree with J.K.'s decision to end Harry here, that this is the last we're going to be hearing about him and his story. It's been long enough and the poor guy deserves to live the rest of his life in peace, don't you think? While I love learning more about his world, I think incorporating other characters that we may not be familiar with would be more exciting. (Have you heard the news about the Massachusetts school of Magic? If you're on Pottermore, check it out, it's very interesting).


If you're a die hard fan of Harry; yes. Absolutely. This is obviously a good edition to the collection of books. But if you're not that big of a fan, enjoy the stories but don't care to see it continue on, I would find it at a library when you can, or check out an E copy.

WHEW! I'm going to end this post here. Have you read the Cursed Child yet?

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