My Beauty Wishlist | 2016

by - 9/27/2016

Hello Lovelies!
So I've been doing that thing where I scour the internet and add things I can't afford at the moment into my shopping cart and then just let them sit, where hopefully I'll be able to check them out sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, being an adult is super hard and you have to pick and choose what you can afford, and getting paid bi-weekly does not help at all. So to keep myself grounded and remind myself that these products aren't going anywhere, I thought I'd post my 'shopping carts' here.
The Ambient Lighting Palette from Hourglass. I think with my skin tone, I could work with at least two, if not all of these colors. And Hourglass highlighters are GORGEOUS. I've never owned anything by this brand, but I have gotten samples and good Lord, they work like a dream. Normally I would go to Becca Cosmetics for a good highlight, but I think it also might be time to try something new! That price tag though. 

I don't think I could express how much I want this foundation. I've wanted it ever since I got the sample of it from the store and tried to squeeze EVERY OUNCE of it out of the little container. I know I heard of this somewhere before knowing that it was in store, most likely from a Youtuber that I can't place at the moment. But wherever I heard about it, I need this stuff. Like right now.

Of course I also want the concealer to go with it! It's not very often that I have foundations that are just right in color, I'm usually a little off when it comes to getting that down. Thankfully Sephora has this thing that scans your skin color and they match you with all the right shades in different brands. It's been super helpful, so I know that this would be stress free wear. Plus, the packaging is super cute.

Speaking of my issues when it comes to foundations, I think this would be a great help when it comes to those drugstore foundations that I already have. After all, I spent good money on those things, I shouldn't have to throw them away! While this is kind of pricey, in my opinion, I also think that this would go a long way and last a good amount of time. Depending on how often I use my foundations. I think I would get the lightening and the darkening shades, just because I never know which shade I could be getting wrong.

My lips and I have this thing going on where they get all dry and irritated, forcing me to NOT wear any of the cute lipsticks or glosses that I own. And I own a fair amount. It just doesn't look right when your lipstick is highlighting the dry skin on your lips. Especially for the fall and winter months, I think this would be a good investment to get my lips in check.

Another highlighting palette but one that I NEED RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Look at those beautiful colors! Normally, I'm a neutral, everyday shade kind of girl, but these colors just make me squeal in excitement. That purple horseshoe would be worn every single day of my life. Currently, I can only find this palette on ebay, but you can bet sooner or later, I will have this in my possession. And the blog post will be gorgeous!

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