Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations

by - 10/11/2016

I know what you're thinking... 'How is she just posting about this collection NOW? When there is already a Christmas range out?!' I know. I had been hoping to post it sooner, but there is always something holding me back. I.E. UK to US Customs. It's a nightmare, but recently, things have happened that's been so exciting that it was worth the wait!

If you live in the US like I do and love Zoella's beauty range, then you're in for some luck. I've always stated that you can buy her range, all of it, from Feel Unique. Although you couldn't get the perfumes, it was more than enough to have everything else. But now, you can get the perfumes without having to worry about what country you live in!

Feel Unique seems to have switched, or worked out a deal, with DHL, who does international shipping of all kinds. Meaning you can get everything from her collection and just everything on the website in general. YES! Though you do have to pay a little extra for shipping and customs checks, I personally think that it's worth it. Because I definitely didn't want to wait and see whether or not Tilly's or American Eagle would get her other collections in stock. Which seems unlikely since the original collection is in small supply.

All hail Feel Unique though, amiright.

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